The Lord of hosts will do battle for me. Writer. God is real.

It was only natural that this was going to happen. That I was going to feel this way. To allow her to hold my hands, and plant soft kisses on my neck, just like you used to.

Yes, I’ve been seeing another woman. We’ve been happy for a while now, but something seems wrong, somethings missing. The fire I feel with her isn’t as warm as it was with you. Her smile isn’t as pure. Knowing all this I was defiant. I refused to believe.

And as this woman i was seeing sat opposite me in our local cafe raving on about fashion and other trivial matters, I let myself imagine she was you. With such thoughts, a poignant smile slipped from my grasp. She noticed, and with so much care and subtlety, she asked “whats wrong?” I plainly replied “nothing”. She gazed at me searchingly, and at that moment I knew she knew.

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